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Implementing Change with People - Consulting - Trainings - Workshops

We provide consulting services for operational, organizational, and application-related areas arising from enterprise management with SAP® S/4HANA:

    Professional Consultancy

    Processes, Organization, Business Procedures

    SAP® Consulting

    Architecture & Integration Consultation


    Strategy, Methodology, & Management Consulting

    IT-Infrastructure & Network

    Developing and Implementing Tailored IT Services
    From the initial project idea

    What changes are necessary to achieve the company's goals? To what extent is SAP® suitable, and which S/4HANA solutions cover the functional requirements? Where do add-ons and custom solutions come into play? Which interfaces need to be implemented? What are the costs involved? What is the expected benefit? What steps move us forward? What is the best way to migrate from R/3 to S/4HANA (Green Field, Brown Field, Colorful, e.g., with SNP’S BLUEFIELD™)?

    ...through detailing and implementation...:

    How should the functional requirements be mapped in SAP®? How should requirements be implemented when the SAP® standard is insufficient? How should tests be prepared and executed? What is the best approach to familiarize users with the new solutions and tools through training?

    ...and on to ongoing operations and process & procedure optimization

    Nicht alle Prozesse wurden im Projekt betrachtet: Können diese evtl. mit den vorhandenen Werkzeugen und Möglichkeiten durchgeführt werden? Die Daten im Management-Reporting scheinen nicht pausibel: Was können mögliche Ursachen sein und wie können diese behoben werden? Es "hakt" noch bei einigen Prozessen: Was kann man tun? Die Anwender tun sich schwer, mit dem neuen System und den neuen Prozessen zu arbeiten: Wir coachen und schulen sie. 


    Below, we have compiled several workshop formats that will guide you quickly and securely through the planning and preparation process for your 'Transformation Roadmap.'. Inquiries about additional workshop formats are welcome.

    Transformation Module 1 - Explore: Scoping

    Developing a shared understanding, perspectives, and solution spaces. Identifying opportunities and risks.
    Workshop Description

    Interested? Send us your inquiry.:

    Transformation Module 2 - Design

    Designing an integrated solution architecture and the Transformation Blueprint.
    Workshop Description

    Interested? Send us your inquiry:

    Transformation Module 3 - Planning: Business Transformation

    Developing the transformation strategy and the Transformation Roadmap.
    Workshop Description

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    Implementing Change WITH People: Discovering Potential and Supporting, and Educating Employees

    People are the core of successful corporate transformation!
    We persuade, inspire, and empower your employees to achieve buy-in for your initiative. Through interactive project workshops, information sessions, surveys, and training, we coordinate the requirements, prototypes, or the respective development stage interactively with decision-makers and key users. 

    Our Services:

    We educate your managers and employees about the project and offer specific training for their current and future tasks.

    Here are some examples of our training offerings:

    • SAP®S/4HANA Fundamentals
    • Integration with SAP®S/4HANA
    • Differences between SAP®S/4HANA and SAP®R/3 - Improvements or Old Wine in New Bottles?
    • Project Management and Approaches in SAP®S/4HANA Migration Projects
    • Project Management and Approaches in SAP®S/4HANA New Implementation
    • Agile Methods 

    Our training Services:

    Ask us about our training offerings tailored to the respective target groups in customized formats - in-house training, classroom training, e-learning, or webinars.

    Do you have any questions about the digitalization of your corporate and financial management?

    Arrange a free consultation.
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