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Dewatering technology/ Discrete manufacturing/ Plant engineering

Rollout and extension of the existing SAP/S4 Hana template solution to another company

Dewatering technology/ Discrete manufacturing

Evaluation of SAP S/4HANA functions in order to optimize and improve the existing global corporate template for accounting and controlling

Energy supplier

Multi-wave rollout of a template solution to the other companies of the energy group.

Automotive industry

Global transformation from SAP® R/3 to S/4HANA with a greenfield approach.

Process integration and tool consulting, integration of operational processes and value streams.

Pharmaceuticals/ Chemistry

Improving transparency in global value chains and simplifying the determination of product margins on the basis of a standardized SAP® add-on solution

Project management, technical support for the project team in SAP® FI/CO/ and MM/PP, as well as SD 

Pharmaceuticals/ Chemistry

Preliminary study to improve the existing product cost guidelines

Business consulting to improve transparency in product cost and production controlling

Discrete manufacturing

Creation of a rollout toolkit to support and accelerate future rollouts

Rollout strategy and rollout toolkits

Mechanical and plant engineering

Preparation of the rollout of an SAP®-based template solution to support E2E processes for customer-related project production and the processing of customer service orders

E2E process and organizational consulting. Design of E2E process training courses

Life Science

Preliminary study of the organizational and technical separation of a business unit from an SAP® R/3 system and migration to an existing S/4 HANA system as a separate company code.

Expert advice and preparation of a decision paper for finance and controlling


Development of a template release for the provision of standardized processes in a new business area of the corporate division and roll-out in the companies of the business area in 6 countries in Asia and in the USA.

Process, SAP® and integration consulting with a focus on finance and controlling.

Consumer goods industry

Development and rollout of a template for the centralization and standardization of supply chain processes

Organizational and process consulting for the areas of finance and controlling

Pharmaceutical industry

Template development and global rollout

Process and SAP®-consulting for a company-wide standardization of business services

Consumer goods industry

Transformation program as a prerequisite for the implementation of a globally aligned and centralized supply chain management

Impact analysis on value flows and processes in accounting and controlling. Preparation and design of training courses for global knowledge transfer in 16 countries with 45 branches and 2400 users

Pharmaceutical industry

Consolidation of the American and German SAP®-systems with different release statuses for the MM, FI and CO modules.

Design of the solution approach, the project procedure and the migration strategy

Pharmaceutical industry

Project management method and company certification according to SEI-CMM Level 2 - chemical industry/ process manufacturing

Project management, Project controlling and risk management

Chemical industry

Development of a start-up toolkit and project portal for large-scale projects - chemical industry/ process manufacturing.

Management of the conception and implementation of the project portal

Pharmaceutical industry

Template development for group-wide production controlling and product cost accounting

Creation of the technical concept, project management and quality management

Consumer goods industry

Stabilization, optimization and continuous improvement of supply chain processes

Harmonization of corporate planning and improvement of cost transparency in supply chain controlling.

Consumer goods industry

Comprehensive activities and integration consulting as Global Process Owner Accounting & Controlling

Coordination of user training and go-live activities as well as management of the hypercare phase

Consumer goods industry

Creation of a transformation program

To implement global and centralized supply chain management SAP®-CO

Software development company for the pharmaceutical industry/ process manufacturer

Feasibility study to illustrate a service-based solution for centralized customer order processing

Creation of a rough concept for services to automate data transfer between SAP and the internet application for customer order registration

Food industry/ process manufacturer

Development and roll-out of a template for the calculation of production variances in production plants

Individual solutions for the settlement of production variances between production plants and sales units

Food industry/ process manufacturer

Reduction of in-house development and provision of a template for the calculation and provision of customer-specific deviation categories

Individual solution for calculating and providing deviations according to customer-specific requirements

Food industry/ process manufacturer

Solution for attribution-based invoicing and a differentiated statement of material overheads and ancillary packaging costs at the finished product level

Design of the process flow, then briefing the specialist department in the new processes

Food industry/ process manufacturer

Solution for the calculation of additional packaging and material costs in the product calculation.

Individual solution for loading shopping information sets, maintaining procurement alternatives and mixing ratios

Food industry/ process manufacturer

Reduced maintenance costs and drastically improved program runtimes.

New development of individual solutions for the evaluation of product calculation and the differentiated determination and booking of cost center deviations based on SAP® CO-PC and SAP® CO-CCA

Food industry/ process manufacturer

Legal advice:

Adaptation and return of modifications in product calculation, production order controlling and product result accounting to the SAP® standard in order to provide the system as a global template for a global rollout.

Mixed Group / Conglomerate

Optimization of the processes for product calculation and replacement of manufacturing overhead surcharges

Elaboration of business solutions, project management

Mixed group/ individual and series production for customers

Defining and implementing uniform group guidelines for group accounting

Production and sales controlling based on SAP® 

Chemical industry

Project portfolio management for marketing and sales projects

Roll-in of a communication system for marketing and sales, as well as for logistics management and the replacement of legacy systems to support distribution logistics with SAP SAP®

SAP Consulting and Method Development

As leading consultant in the SAP® Competence Center:

responsible for SAP®-consulting and implementation projects for customers in industry, financial service providers, trade and the public sector

Chemical industry

Methodical support and quality management for the consolidation of SAP®-SAP® R/3 projects:

Consulting and harmonization of the project management approach. Implementation of delivery assurance for Europe-wide rollout projects 

Chemical industry

Certification SEI-CMM Level 2:

Implementation of project management standards for IT and organizational projects to achieve certification as well as creating, designing and managing the development of a toolkit.

Conglomerate machinery/plant engineering, consumer goods industry

Conception, development and rollout of business processes:

Support in the implementation of SAP®, as well as business consulting in various pilot projects

Steel Industry

Preparation of an IPO on the NYSE steel industry:

SAP®-R/2 - R/3 migration of management accounting areas with the modules FI, FI-AA, CO and MM

Chemical industry

Introduction of an operations control and scheduling system:  

Coaching des Projektmanagement und Mediation zwiProject management coaching and mediation between client and project management 

Electrical industry/ series production

Cost-by-cause allocation

Process analysis and advice on the allocation of overhead costs according to causation using activity-based costing

Electrical industry/ series production

Optimization of procedures for overhead cost controlling based on FI and CO consumer goods industry/series production.

Technical coaching during solution implementation. Training of the project team

IT-Service Provider

Preliminary study for 1st and 2nd level IT support:

Coordination of the execution of the preliminary study as well as technical consulting for the conception and setup of a worldwide 1st and 2nd level support based on Peregrine

Chemical industry

Preliminary study for replacing the allocation of material overheads for purchasing with activity-based costing:

Executed cost and performance analyses in the core processes, designed the allocation model

Building services engineering/ custom manufacturer

Optimizing processes in consolidation and the preparation of consolidated financial statements::

Performing the requirements analysis, creating the budgeting basis and advising on the migration strategy


Migration of the processes for preparing individual financial statements, consolidation preparation and asset accounting

Technical coaching and project management for the implementation project


Preliminary study for a group-wide conversion to a short fiscal year of the SAP®  R/3 system with the modules SD, MM, CO, FI and FI-AA

Elaboration of the procedure and creation of the project framework plan and the budgeting basis


Optimized the processes for the consolidation and preparation of consolidated balance sheets:

Executed the requirements analysis, designed the solution approach and the project procedure and created the budgeting template


Optimized accounting and controlling processes by

Creating the detailed business and technical concepts, coaching the implementation activities and training the project team

Public utilities

Preliminary study for the replacement of legacy systems and optimization of processes in procurement, accounting and controlling based on SAP® R/3 FI, FI-AA, TR-TM and MM

Requirements analysis, solution approach and project management.

Packaging industry/customized individual and series production SAP® R/2

Optimization of logistics processes by setting up a production performance level  

Management and quality assurance of the integration aspects of logistics, accounting and controlling. Training of the project team

Plant engineering/ custom manufacturer

Optimization of processes in consolidation and the preparation of consolidated financial statements based on SAP® R/3 FI-GL and FI-LC

Business consulting regarding processes and procedures for the transfer of individual financial statements

Financial service provider

Preliminary study for a release upgrade for the CO-CCA and CO-OPA modules:

Advice on the options for returning modifications and enhancements to SAP®-Standard and advice on new standard functions in future releases

Anlagenfertiger/ Internationaler Konzern

Zusammenführung von Unterehmensbereichen in Kanada und Deutschland in einem zentralen SAP®-System:

Erstellen des Fachkonzeptes zur Abbildung der Erzeugniskalkulation und der Bestandbewertung in SAP®-CO und MM nach IAS/ IFRS


Methodenbratung für den Wechsel des IT-Serviceproviders:

Erstellung von Querschnittsfunktionen, sowie Datenübernahme von SAP® Anwendungen und Durchführung des Test Management

Medien Buchverlag

Vorstudie für eine konzernweite Umstellung auf ein Rumpfgeschäftsjahr:

Ausarbeiten der Vorgehensweise und das Erstellen des Projektrahmenplans und der Budgetierungsgrundlage auf Basis von SAP® R/3 

Medien Buchverlag

Migration der Prozesse: 

Erstellung der Abschlüsse und der Anlagenbuchhaltung durch eine Erweiterung des bereits produktiv im Einsatz befindlichen SAP®-FI, FI-AA und CO


Öffentlicher Sektor

Vorstudie zur Ablösung der Altsysteme und Prozessoptimierung:

Optimierung der Prozesse in der Beschaffung sowie im Rechnungswesen und Controlling auf Basis von SAP® R/3 FI, FI-AA, TR-TM und MM



Optimieren der Prozesse und Verfahren im Finanz- und Rechnungswesen:

Beratung von Verfahren zur Planung Hochrechnung und Simualtion von Einzel- und Konzernabschlüssen und Schulung des Projektteams

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Ablösung der Verrechnung von Materialgemeinkosten in der Beschaffung, Warenannahme und Lagerung durch eine Prozesskostenrechnung:

Durchführen der Kostenanalyse und Identifikation der Kostentreiber 


Optimieren der Prozesse im Finanz- und Rechnungswesen für die technischen Vertriebsniederlassungen:  

Anwendungsgestützter Lösungsansatz zur Integration und Bewertung der Warenflüsse und der Abbildung der finanzbuchhalterischen Prozesse