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Developing and implementing innovations - reducing costs - accelerating projects - optimizing business processes - achieving success

We help steer your transformation project into the safe harbor.

From the project idea...
  • A solid basis for decision-making and budgeting for your overall project

  • Appropriate project structures and a project framework plan

  • Implementation and roll-out strategy for the successful execution of your project

...Regarding the detailing and implementation..
    • Business consulting

    • Process, organizational, and application consulting

    • Coaching and training for key users, project managers, executives, and project teams

    • Project, integration, and rollout management

    • Methodology consulting and training

...Until rollout and operational management.
  • Rollout-Mangement

  • Process-Management

  • Knowledge-Management

  • Optimization and further development of solutions

  • Coaching and training for your employees and executives

Open new horizons in 3 stages! We will accompany you on your journey. We inspire people, impart knowledge, and create agile structures!

We provide consulting on operational, organizational, and application-related aspects concerning enterprise management with SAP®S/4HANA:

1. Information Gathering & Design

We stay focused on the goal: Conceiving the overall project,

We support you in developing a transformation strategy and planning your transformation & rollout projects. Together, we create the project framework for a successful implementation.

2. Implement & Deploy

...bringing business visions to life...

We assist in developing, implementing, testing, training, and deploying detailed solutions. We help you overcome resistance and build trust. 

3. Operate & Optimize

...and ensuring success!

We help efficiently manage your processes, making knowledge accessible, and optimizing solutions. We empower your employees and executives to efficiently and optimally utilize the new tools and processesutilize the new tools and processes efficiently and optimally in their day-to-day work.

Information Gathering & Design: Assessing the Need for Action – Uncovering Innovations – Designing the Solution Architecture – Crafting the Implementation Plan.

Preparing for Change: Creating the Transformation Blueprint and the Transformation Roadmap.

Starting from your corporate strategy and goals, we assist you in identifying your business requirements and designing innovative solutions, validating them, and transforming them into a successful business model.

Together with your executives and employees, we develop solutions that align people, processes, organization, applications, technologies, data, and knowledge, allowing for a seamless and swift integration of new or modified processes, organizational structures, and applications. To facilitate better information sharing and communication between users and project teams, we develop initial prototypes or utilize pre-configured systems during this phase.

What You Gain:

  • Alignment of your project portfolio and investments with your strategic objectives.
  • A flexible solution architecture for your reporting structures and financial processes.
  • Transparency regarding costs, resources, risks, and the expected project outcomes.
  • A well-founded basis for decision-making and budgeting for your entire project.
  • Appropriate project structures and a project framework plan.
  • An implementation and rollout strategy for the successful execution of your initiative.

Implementation & Deployment: Business Consulting and Process, Integration & SAP® Consultancy

Enabling Change: Detailed Concept, Execution & Implementation

We assist in refining business requirements, designing efficient solutions across SAP® and non-SAP® applications, add-ons, and interfaces, and ensuring their timely and cost-effective implementation.

Project outcomes are appropriately documented and made available for ongoing maintenance and future adaptations. We support you in establishing enterprise-wide knowledge management to effectively manage your processes and applications post-implementation, smoothing the way for future rollouts and transformation initiatives.

What You Gain:

  • Achievement of project and corporate objectives within the planned budget, timeline, and at the desired level of quality.

  • Smooth operation of new processes and applications.

  • Sustainable project solutions.

  • A solid foundation for effective process and knowledge management.

Operate & Optimize: Continuous Optimization of Your Processes, Applications, and Solutions

Ongoing Operations: Efficient Process Control - Accessible Knowledge - Solution Optimization

 Maximize the potential benefits of your investments and ensure sustainable value retention. We assist in monitoring, enhancing, adjusting, and supporting productive solutions.

What You Gain:

  • Effective tools and procedures for process, change, and knowledge management.

  • The optimization of ongoing processes.

  • The redesign of underperforming solutions.

  • Your employees will be empowered to effectively and efficiently work with the tools we provide.

Do you have any questions and are you interested? Feel free to send us your message or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you!